At the Lagrange Point between George Carlin and Dan Carlin you'll find Damian Smith.

Damian is a Sydney based writer, comedian, speaker, and giver of opinions. His work centres around politics, social issues, world history, and random trivia.

You probably best know him from the popular podcast History Go Time! - a combination of his dual passions for both comedy and history, and a shortage of available names for shows. 

He specialises in long-form thematic comedy and has six one-man shows under his belt. He has authored two books thus far, is a prolific content creator, and is demand as an op-ed writer.

Damian is a vocal supporter of those on the autism spectrum, having Asperger's Syndrome himself, Damian prides himself on his work helping to destigmatise and de-mystify the autism spectrum. 

He is not afraid to begin a sentence with a preposition, and is a firm proponent of the Oxford Comma.