is an absolute liability

Current longest time between tries: 87 days - Round 5 to Round 17

The last game I added evidence for was Round 23 against the Broncos. I haven't put any more. I'm tired of this.

I'm so tired of this imbecile fucking up each and every week.

He was...competent against the Warriors in Round 24. Then he was decent against the Roosters in Round 25. Then in the finals series he imploded, spectacularly. Again. Like he always does. 

I'm not going to put myself through the trauma of going over the games to document how this imbecile is constantly an imbecile.

It just beggars belief how he's picked, week in, week out. As a valedictory, I'll leave this one last snippet of irrefutable proof that Campbell Graham is not, nor has he ever been, a first-grade quality footballer. 

Massive Fuckup.png

This is one game away from the Grand Final. And once again, cometh the hour, cometh the moron.

Here Graham has an unmarked Alex Johnston outside him. Johnston can score impossible tries, this is a milk run for him. At this point Souths have all the running and the game looks like it will be a cakewalk. 

Graham instead opts against the certain try and runs himself. He gets tackled because he's as slow as a tectonic plate. Then, against all reason, he attempts to pass the ball off the ground. The Raiders get possession, Graham gives away another penalty, Souths never really get back in the game and YET ANOTHER YEAR IS LOST BECAUSE OF THIS DIPSHIT. 

That's it. I'm out. I'm done. I can't support this lunacy. Either he goes, or I go. And since the powers that be at Souths have gone Jonestown on this remarkably incompetent stain of a human, I'm left with no choice. 

Goodbye. Enjoy the pain of your failure Souths. You brought each and every atom of it on yourselves. 

They say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.


Yet week in, week out, Campbell Graham is selected on the wing for Souths. And week in, week out, Campbell Graham is an abject failure.


He drops the ball. He misses tackles. He gets pushed back into the in-goal. He is terrible under the high ball. He cannot meet the basic metrics by which his position - and his job - are measured.


He turns a big win into a smaller one and can snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

But every week he's there.


The first man picked. Fans love him. Commentators rave about him. He is even being talked up for representative selection when he shouldn't even make an A-Grade team.


I'm starting to feel like Campbell Graham has cast some kind of voodoo spell over people to stop them from seeing just how terrible he is at rugby league - every goddamn week. Why am I the only one who sees it? At this
point I feel like Mugatu in Zoolander.


So in an effort to get people to confront the truth I've compiled a list of every time Campbell Graham has made a fundamental error unbecoming of a supposedly first-grade footballer.


This list is by no means exhaustive, but I'll be keeping it updated as best as I can, because Cam certainly keeps the blooper reels coming.


And for the Campbell Graham fans out there, if you can remain a Campbell Graham fan in the face of this overwhelming evidence, then you're starting to sound like an anti-vaxxer.