A Quick Addendum

Hockey and Cormann smoking cigars
I told him that photo would come back to haunt him

In the time it took me to format and upload my list of LNP fascist thuggery yesterday, they actually managed to pile on more things that deserve to be on the list.

Julie Bishop resigned from the sinking ship, further exacerbating the "women problem" in the party.

The Attorney-General was found to have given a slew of jobs to the boys.

Michaelia Cash has run up a huge bill defending herself from something she's clearly guilty of.

And then there's Joe Hockey who...just...I can't even. Just read the article.

And all of this happened between me formatting my article and hitting publish.

This is why the Gish Gallop is so effective. I'm bound to cite the veracity of everything I claim, they can just keep doing shit safe in the knowledge there's no way to keep up with everything.

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