The 14 Signs of Fascism...yet again.

Every so often I put out one of these lists detailing how the LNP government are fascists, with the numerous examples they provide me. I realised that I haven't done one of these since ScumMo ascended to the top job, so once more unto the breach dear friends. As ever when I detail how fascist this mob of evil reptiles are, I'll restrict myself to examples from only the last few weeks - if we were to document every atrocity they committed there wouldn't be time to catalogue them. Up front, here's the list of the 14 signs of fascism as defined by the list which hangs in the US Holocaust Museum as a warning not to elect dangerous demagogues.

14 signs of fascism
Try not to vote for wannabe Hitlers okay?

Morrison's recent unhinged press club rant actually covers nearly everything, if anyone has the fortitude to listen to this bellicose idiot, if you can sit through his press club speech then you’ll know to be scared of everything:

1. Powerful and continuing nationalism: Boats boats boats boats boats boats fair dinkum boats boats boats fair dinkum boats.

Fair Dinkum Scott
At least he has less flags than Abbott

And here's his horrible video personally attacking "people smugglers", an apparent enemy of the Australian people that he may or may not have invented. For the more mundane inanity, the whole "let's spend a shitload of money on a monument to Captain Cook" fiasco

2. Disdain for human rights Aziz Muhamet wins an award for human rights from within an Australian gulag The government tried to block medical treatment for refugees, lost a vote on the floor and is now trying to find loopholes to continue its torture policy. This didn’t go over too well with the rest of the world, who continue to bemoan the whole torture and durance vile thing the government has a boner for.

They tried to block a vote on the rights of people with disabilities. And if you're interested in what the philosophers would call "the banality of evil" this is how petty they can get as the sports minister mocks fat people.

3. Identification of enemies as a unifying cause BOATS! More BOATS! Rule of Threes... Alright, maybe just one more. The Guardian describes it as "seeking to incite mass hysteria" which is a lot nicer than I would describe it. Oh I forgot about how unions are all evil and we should eschew them for our corporate overlords.

4. Supremacy of the military I'll let Pyne have the floor on this one.

Dick in a tank
This isn't the weirdest photo of Pyne, not by a long shot

They plan on running on a platform of beefing up the military

They got shiny new brochures printed up and everything.

5. Rampant sexism Alright buckle up. "I think the Australian people overlook those issues and really are focused on the outcomes that the Government can deliver them, in terms of the essential services that they need and require," the Treasurer, when queried on the multiple scandals involving women that his party is embroiled in. Such as the time several young liberals were ejected from the party for particularly sexist comments.

Or that the paltry number of women actually in their government are leaving in droves.

But sure, they don't have a problem with women.

6. Controlled mass media I’m not even going to bother detailing Murdoch’s bullshit again, I’ll let the man speak for himself Alright, maybe one, here's a blatant lie about border security. Well, one more. This is too good. Here's the Australian attacking the Pope over his attitude towards refugees.

Pope attack
You're attacking the Pope for being humanitarian?

7. Obsession with national security Did I mention boats?

And if you didn't want to sit through his press club lunacy, here's the annotations of that diatribe. Remember, this comes from a radically pro-Morrison "paper".

8. Religion and government intertwined

Apparently the subject of sacking teachers for being gay is a wedge issue for them. I'll just this once break my promise to keep it within the last couple of weeks so that the guilty can be named and shamed. These are the people that think being gay makes you sub-human, never forget and never forgive.

gay marriage vote
"Religious grounds"

9. Corporate power protected They let the Murray die because of their corporate interests Holy shit, the Paladin affair. I mean where do we even start? That the government is paying $420m to a company that runs out of a shack on Kangaroo Island and has a PO box in Singapore? On a limited tender where no other companies were allowed to bid? Nothing to see here. It's not like Peter Dutton has tried to block any Freedom Of Information requests about it. And it keeps getting worse. And worse, as they "cut a deal" with a PNG powerbroker. And Paladin probably isn’t an isolated incident, as an investigation unfolds. Then there's the whole banking clusterfuck. Remembering, of course, that Scott Morrison voted 26 times against a Royal Commission that ultimately laid down criminal cartel charges. And of course they won't be acting on that Royal Commission. This is in no way cronyism. And for good measure just another tax loophole for corporations, because we don't have enough of those.

10. Labor [sic] power suppressed Cash demands an apology for being forced to testify as to her office leaking details of an unsubstantiated attack on a trade union. She may, in fact, be the most repellent creature on the face of the Earth. In some way I have to respect the sheer poisonous gall required to commit the crimes she has and then demand an apology from the victims. Oh yeah, she also destroyed the evidence, can't have that lying around.

They really don't like unions you know. Can't have the proletariat being organised. Bad for profits. Like this one rep that was personally hounded by a sitting Prime Minister and was recently vindicated by THE LAW! The unions really shouldn't have to keep taking the government and businesses to court - they inevitably win, but it wastes everyone's time. Trust me, I know first hand. The Tory scum aren't even coy about being anti-union, they consider it a platform to run on.

11. Disdain for intellectuals & the arts It's an election year, so they're trying to butter everyone up in the face of a wipeout, but they still found a way to cut funding to the arts. Again.

12. Obsession with crime & punishment Black gangs! Run in terror children! They love this shit - this is their actual web page.

13. Rampant cronyism & corruption When the Finance Minister got in touch with a mate who owned a travel company to book his holidays. And more, when he forgot that someone else paid for his holiday. Happens all the time, doesn't it? David Littleproud attacks the competitors of a supermarket chain he holds shares in. And again, the whole Paladin thing. In case you forgot. The guy who leaked the info on the Cash Scandal Union Raid? Better make sure he has a job. Tim Wilson does his bit, using taxpayer funds to raise money for the LNP. Using his government position to assess franking credits, by tendering to a company that he has a stake in, with submissions that he personally drafted. I can see no conflict of interest here...

14. Fraudulent elections This one is more of a wait and see situation for May. But with a track record like that...

So there is my latest list of how the LNP are fascists. To go with all the other lists and the now thousands of atrocities they've committed against the nation, it's people and the human race in general. Please consider that when you vote in May.

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